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Compendium of the law of executors, administrators, guardians, and dower, in force in Alabama

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dc.creatorCuthbert, John A. (John Albert), 1788-1881
dc.descriptionThis document was compiled by John A. Cuthbert and published by Thomas J. Carver & Co., Mobile, in 1850. It consists of legal opinion about Alabama laws, in force in 1850, pertaining to the execution and administration of wills and legacies and about legal and financial protection of widows (dower) and dependents (guardianship).en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsPart I. Wills: Persons capable of making a will; Wills of personal estate; Nuncupative wills; Wills of real estate; Revocation of wills; Wills lost or destroyed; Republication of wills; Construction of wills; Mode of describing legatee; Mistake in the name or description of legatee; Legacies, general or specific; Legacies of money, stock, debts, etc.; Bequest connected with the realty; Bequest of general personal estate; Description of property in legacies; Legacies, vested or lapsed; Legacies lapsed by the death of the legatee before the death of the testator; Legacies lapsed by the death of the legatee after the death of the testator; Lapse of legacies payable out of real estate; Lapse of legacies charged on real and personal estate; Legacies on condition; Legacies on condition in restraint of marriage; Legacies to executors; Cumulative legacies; Legacy by a debtor to his creditor; Legacy by a creditor to his debtor; Appointment of debtor, executor; Appointment of creditor, executor; Ademption of specific legacies; Ademption of legacies by portions of children; Abatement of legacies; Appointment of executors; Foreign executor; Executor de son tort; Acts before probate; Probate; Effect of probate; Revocation of probate; Custody of wills; Estate of the executor; Power of an executor of an executor; Power of a feme covert executrix; Debts to be paid in preference to legacies; Assent to legacies; To who legacies are to be paid; Interest on legacies; Increase or diminution of specific legacies; Election to take the legacy; Refunding of legacies; Residuary legatee; Part II. Administration; Sheriff, coroner, administrator; Administrator general; Administrator ad colligendum; Special limited administration; Administrator durante minore aetate; Administration ceterorum; Administrator pendente lite; Administrator de bonis non; Administrator cum testamento annexo; When next of kin and intestate are foreigners; Creditor, administrator; Feme covert, administratrix; Time when administration commences; Estate of the administrator; Estate of the administrator in the real estate; Estate of the administrator in the personal estate; Right of the administrator to chattels real, in relation to husband and wife; Chattels personal; Heirlooms; Paraphenalia; Bonds; Oaths; Part III. Revocation of probate; Effect of revocation on the prior acts; Caveat; Prohibition; Actions which survive to the executor or administrator; Apprentices; Choses in action, right as regards husband and wife; Right to contingent interests; Power of one of several executors or administrators; Right to retain in payment of a debt; Inventory; Appraisement; Collecting the effects; Payment of debts; Sale of personal property; Sale of real estate; Distribution; Right of husband in the estate of his deceased wife; Rights of wife in the estate of her deceased husband; Descent; Children and their representatives; Hotchpot; Advancement; Other next of kin; Domicil abroad; Assets; Different liabilities of the personal and of the real estate for debts; Exoneration of the real by the personal estate; Marshalling the assets; Devastavit; Liability of executors and administrators on the acts of the deceased; Liability of executors and administrators on their own acts; Funeral expenses and last illness; Taxes; Resignation; Abatement of suits; Part IV. Remedies at law for executors and administrators; Costs; Remedies at law against executors and administrators; Scire Fieri inquiry and debt suggesting a devastavit; Actions on bonds of executors and administrators; Bills of exchange and negotiable notes; General statute of limitations; Statute of non-claim; Remedies in chancery for executors and administrators; Remedies against executor and administrators in the probate court; Juries; Return of account and inventory; Distribution; Settlement of solvent estates; Settlement of insolvent estates; Execution from the court of probate; Bond for title to real estate; Resignation; Probate court; Errors and appeals; New trial; Part V. Appointment of guardians; Revocation of guardianship; Bond of guardian; Power guardian; Settlement by guardian; Part VI. Dower, what it embraces; Dower, waived or barred by legacy; Relinquishment of dower; Assignment of dower;en_US
dc.publisherMobile, T. J. Carver & Co.en_US
dc.relationIntellectual Underpinnings of the Civil Waren_US
dc.rightsThis document is the property of the Auburn University Libraries and is intended for non-commercial use. Users of the document are asked to acknowledge the Auburn University Libraries.en_US
dc.sourceAuburn University Librariesen_US
dc.subjectExecutors and administrators -- Alabamaen_US
dc.subjectGuardian and ward -- Alabamaen_US
dc.subjectDower -- Alabamaen_US
dc.subjectProbate law and practice -- Alabamaen_US
dc.titleCompendium of the law of executors, administrators, guardians, and dower, in force in Alabamaen_US

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