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Communication: Water activation and splitting by single metal-atom anions 

Liu, Gaoxiang; Miliordos, Evangelos; Ciborowski, Sandra M.; Tschurl, Martin; Boesl, Ulrich; Heiz, Ulrich; Zhang, Xinxing; Xantheas, Sotiris S.; Bowen, Kit; (2020-06-25)
We report experimental and computational results pertaining to the activation and splitting of single water molecules by single atomic platinum anions. The anion photoelectron spectra of [Pt(H2O)](-), formed under different ...

Dependence of the multipole moments, static polarizabilities, and static hyperpolarizabilities of the hydrogen molecule on the H-H separation in the ground singlet state 

Miliordos, Evangelos; Hunt, Katharine L. C.; (2020-06-25)
In this work, we provide values for the quadrupole moment Theta, the hexadecapole moment Phi, the dipole polarizability alpha, the quadrupole polarizability C, the dipole-octopole polarizability E, the second dipole ...