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Fabrication and characterization of a triple functionalization of graphene oxide with Fe3O4, folic acid and doxorubicin as dual-targeted drug nanocarrier 

Wang, Zonghua; Zhou, Chengfeng; Xia, Jianfei; Via, Brian; Xia, Yanzhi; Zhang, Feifei; Li, Yanhui; Xia, Linhua (2013-04-04)
A novel triple functionalized drug delivery system was synthesized by encapsulation of superparamagnetic graphene oxide (GO) and doxorubicin (DOX) with folic acid (FA) conjugated chitosan (CHI). The carrier exhibited a ...

Near Infrared Spectroscopy Calibration for Wood Chemistry: Which Chemometric Technique Is Best for Prediction and Interpretation? 

Via, Brian K.; Zhou, Chengfeng; Acquah, Gifty E.; Jiang, Wei; Eckhardt, Lori G. (2019-08-02)
This paper addresses the precision in factor loadings during partial least squares (PLS) and principal components regression (PCR) of wood chemistry content from near infrared reflectance (NIR) spectra. The precision of ...