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China's terrestrial carbon balance: Contributions from multiple global change factors 

Tian, Hanqin; Melillo, Jerry; Lu, Chaoqun; Kicklighter, David; Liu, Mingliang; Ren, Wei; Xu, Xiaofeng; Chen, Guangsheng; Zhang, Chi; Pan, Shufen; Liu, Jiyuan; Running, Steven; 0000-0002-1806-4091; 0000-0001-7920-1427 (2022-03-04)
The magnitude, spatial, and temporal patterns of the terrestrial carbon sink and theunderlying mechanisms remain uncertain and need to be investigated. China is importantin determining the global carbon balance in terms ...

Methane exchange between marshland and the atmosphere over China during 1949-2008 

Xu, Xiaofeng; Tian, Hanqin; 0000-0002-1806-4091; 0000-0002-6553-6514 (2020-02-25)
We used a process-based ecosystem model to examine methane (CH4) fluxes in the marshland across China as a result of multifactor global changes during 1949–2008. Our simulated results show a significant declining rate of ...

Net exchanges of CO2, CH4, and N2O between China's terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere and their contributions to global climate warming 

Tian, Hanqin; Xu, Xiaofeng; Lu, Chaoqun; Liu, Mingliang; Ren, Wei; Chen, Guangsheng; Melillo, Jerry; Liu, Jiyuan; 0000-0002-6553-6514; 0000-0002-1963-5933; 0000-0002-1526-0513; 0000-0002-4840-4835; 0000-0002-1806-4091 (2022-10-25)
China's terrestrial ecosystems have been recognized as an atmospheric CO2 sink; however, it is uncertain whether this sink can alleviate global warming given the fluxes of CH4 and N2O. In this study, we used a process-based ...