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Century-long increasing trend and variability of dissolved organic carbon export from the Mississippi River basin driven by natural and anthropogenic forcing 

Ren, Wei; Tian, Hanqin; Cai, Wei-Jun; Lohrenz, Steven E.; Hopkinson, Charles S; Huang, Wei-Jen; Yang, Jia; Tao, Bo; Pan, Shufen; He, Ruoying; 0000-0002-1806-4091; 0000-0001-7920-1427 (2020-04-02)
There has been considerable debate as to how natural forcing and anthropogenic activities alter the timing and magnitude of the delivery of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) to the coastal ocean, which has ramifications for ...

China's terrestrial carbon balance: Contributions from multiple global change factors 

Tian, Hanqin; Melillo, Jerry; Lu, Chaoqun; Kicklighter, David; Liu, Mingliang; Ren, Wei; Xu, Xiaofeng; Chen, Guangsheng; Zhang, Chi; Pan, Shufen; Liu, Jiyuan; Running, Steven; 0000-0002-1806-4091; 0000-0001-7920-1427 (2022-03-04)
The magnitude, spatial, and temporal patterns of the terrestrial carbon sink and theunderlying mechanisms remain uncertain and need to be investigated. China is importantin determining the global carbon balance in terms ...

Effects of tropospheric ozone pollution on net primary productivity and carbon storage in terrestrial ecosystems of China 

Ren, Wei; Tian, Hanqin; Liu, Mingliang; Zhang, Chi; Chen, Guangsheng; Pan, Shufen; Felzer, Benjamin; Xu, Xiaofeng; 0000-0002-4840-4835; 0000-0002-1806-4091; 0000-0001-7920-1427 (2022-12-05)
We investigated the potential effects of elevated ozone (O-3) along with climate variability, increasing CO2, and land use change on net primary productivity (NPP) and carbon storage in China's terrestrial ecosystems for ...

Increasing Mississippi river discharge throughout the 21st century influenced by changes in climate, land use, and atmospheric CO2 

Tao, Bo; Tian, Hanqin; Ren, Wei; Yang, Jia; Yang, Qichun; He, Ruoying; Cai, Weijun; Lohrenz, Steven (2022-09-15)
Previous studies have demonstrated that changes in temperature and precipitation (hereafter climate change) would influence river discharge, but the relative importance of climate change, land use, and elevated atmospheric ...

Methane emissions from global rice fields: Magnitude, spatiotemporal patterns, and environmental controls 

Zhang, Bowen; Tian, Hanqin; Ren, Wei; Tao, Bo; Lu, Chaoqun; Yang, Jia; Banger, Kamaljit; Pan, Shufen; 0000-0002-1806-4091; 0000-0001-7920-1427 (2020-04-02)
Given the importance of the potential positive feedback between methane (CH4) emissions and climate change, it is critical to accurately estimate the magnitude and spatiotemporal patterns of CH4 emissions from global rice ...

Net exchanges of CO2, CH4, and N2O between China's terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere and their contributions to global climate warming 

Tian, Hanqin; Xu, Xiaofeng; Lu, Chaoqun; Liu, Mingliang; Ren, Wei; Chen, Guangsheng; Melillo, Jerry; Liu, Jiyuan; 0000-0002-6553-6514; 0000-0002-1963-5933; 0000-0002-1526-0513; 0000-0002-4840-4835; 0000-0002-1806-4091 (2022-10-25)
China's terrestrial ecosystems have been recognized as an atmospheric CO2 sink; however, it is uncertain whether this sink can alleviate global warming given the fluxes of CH4 and N2O. In this study, we used a process-based ...