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Decision making tools for evaluating candidate species for de-extinction 

Von Hagen, R. Lynn; Prakash, Vasavi; Chalkowski, Kayleigh; Gitzen, Robert; Fantle-Lepczyk, Jean; Hartman, Patricia; Lepczyk, Chris; 0000-0002-6991-6418; 0000-0002-0136-4557; 0000-0001-8507-8197; 0000-0001-5388-0871; 0000-0003-2611-106X; 0000-0002-5316-3159 (2022-01-19)
As genetic editing technologies develop and the possibility of species resurrection becomes more likely, de-extinction is being considered as a tool to restore extinct species and stem biodiversity loss. While promising, ...

Using the red-imported fire ant to study invasive species removal and reinvasion 

Morehart, Morgan; Gitzen, Robert; Terhune, Theron; Lepczyk, Christopher; 0000-0003-0869-9656; 0000-0001-8507-8197; 0000-0003-1496-1446; 0000-0002-5316-3159 (2022-02-27)