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Ethical Leadership and Salesperson Job Performance: The Impact of Remote Supervision 

Serviss, Emory; 0000-0001-9594-6488 (2021-05-05)
Remote salespeople are moving away from in-person interactions and toward using technology to keep in contact with their supervisors. There are ethical perspectives that should be considered in a remote work environment. ...

Examining Audience Reaction to B2B Content Marketing Delivered via Social Media 

Cole, James; Serviss, Emory; 0000-0001-9594-6488 (2021-09-10)
Social media provide multiple platforms and tactics to reach business-to-business (B2B) audiences with content they may rely upon to make purchasing decisions. But while content marketing has drawn some academic interest ...

Why does ethical leadership matter? Exploration and future direction for sales research 

Serviss, Emory; Henderson, Jennifer; 0000-0001-9594-6488; 0000-0001-6334-911X (2021-09-13)
The purpose of this study is to gain a better understanding of the relationship between ethical leadership and an employee’s work-related attitudes about, and behaviors for, their company. Using social learning theory, ...