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Alternative N Sources for Corn and Cotton in Alabama 

Mitchell, Charles Clifford, 1948-; Watts, Dexter Brown, 1978-; Moore, Don Paul, 1955- (2012-01)

Experiments with commercial nitrogenous fertilizers 

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Fall-spring nitrogen combinations for wheat grain production 

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Methods of applying nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for cotton 

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New Technology and Alternative Nitrogen Sources for Crops in the Southern U.S. 

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Nitrogen and moisture requirements of Coastal Bermuda and Pensacola Bahia 

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Nitrogen as a fertilizer 

Lupton, N. T. (Nathaniel Thomas), 1830-1893 (1890-04)

Nitrogen fertilizer rates and cotton petiole analysis in Alabama field experiments 

Touchton, J. T.; Adams, Fred, 1921-; Burmester, Charles Henry, 1955- (1981-06)

Nitrogen for dallisgrass pastures in the Black Belt 

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Sources and rates of nitrogen for strawberries 

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Sources of nitrogen for cotton and corn in Alabama 

Scarsbrook, C. E. (Clarence Edwin), 1915-; Cope, J. T. (1958-06)

Spacing and rate of nitrogen for corn 

Scarsbrook, C. E. (Clarence Edwin), 1915-; Cope, J. T. (1966-03)

Urea-formaldehyde fertilizer as a source of nitrogen for 1-0 Loblolly pine nursery stock 

May, Jack T. (Jack Truett), 1909-; Posey, Henry G. (1956-12)