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Control of cotton insects with dusts and sprays 

Arant, F. S. (Frank Selman), 1904- (1950-04)

Cotton insect control with ULV-applied insecticides 

Gilliland, F. R. (Floyd Ray), 1939-; Dumas, W. T.; Arant, F. S. (Frank Selman), 1904-; Ivey, H. W. (Henry W.) (1971-06)

Cotton insects and their control with insecticides 

Arant, F. S. (Frank Selman), 1904- (1951-10)

Dusting cotton with calcium arsenate for boll weevil control : second progress report 

Robinson, J. M.; Arant, F. S. (Frank Selman), 1904- (1929-05)

Effect of several insecticides and application schedules on cotton insect control 

Watson, T. F. (Theo Franklin), 1931-; Arant, F. S. (Frank Selman), 1904-; Eden, W. G. (William Gibbs), 1918-; Sconyers, M. C. (1965-07)

Evaluation of insecticides for control of bean leaf beetles 

Chiu, Paul Sen-Ball, 1947-; Bass, Max H. (Max Herman), 1934- (1978-09)

Fall armyworm : evaluation of insecticides for control 

Bass, Max H. (Max Herman), 1934- (1978-02)

Granulate cutworm : evaluation of insecticides for control 

Bass, Max H. (Max Herman), 1934-; Johnson, S. J. (Seth J.) (1978-06)

Insecticides for the control of bollworms, Heliothis spp. on cotton 

Gilliland, F. R. (Floyd Ray), 1939- (1972-03)

Insects injurious to stored grain 

Stedman, J. M. (John Moore), 1864- (1895-01)

Kerosene emulsion : how to make and apply it 

Atkinson, George Francis, 1854-1918 (1890-04)

New dusts for cotton insect control 

Arant, F. S. (Frank Selman), 1904-; Ruffin, Winford Audry, 1902- (1948-03)

Poisoning the boll weevil 

Hinds, W. E.; Thomas, F. L. (Frank Lincoln), b. 1887 (1920-11)