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Alabama agriculture : its characteristics and farming area 

Lanham, Ben T.; Yeager, Joseph Henry, 1920-; Alvord, Ben F. (1953-05)

Beef cattle production in Alabama : costs, returns, and improvements 

Nolen, Thomas Daniel, 1940-; Yeager, Joseph Henry, 1920- (1965-06)

Cost of clearing land 

Stokes, C. M.; Yeager, Joseph Henry, 1920- (1959-06)

Costs and returns of producing runner peanuts in Southeastern Alabama 

Ross, Jack S.; Yeager, Joseph Henry, 1920- (1960-11)

Economic feasibility of producing yearling beef cattle in Alabama 

Lee, John Aldwin, 1940-; Yeager, Joseph Henry, 1920- (1966-12)

Fertilizer use and practices by Alabama farmers 

Yeager, Joseph Henry, 1920-; Belcher, O. D.; Walkup, H. G. (Harold G.) (1960-01)

Financial Condition of Alabama Farmers, January 1986 

Johnson, James Lavaughn, 1941-; Hardy, W. E.; Yeager, Joseph Henry, 1920-; Bynum, Hugh E.; Gamble, John Clark, 1940- (1986-06)

Financing rural homes 

Hurst, James R.; Rose, Boyd B.; Yeager, Joseph Henry, 1920- (1961-06)

Low cost milking barn for manufacture-grade dairy 

Grub, Walter, 1920-; Yeager, Joseph Henry, 1920-; White, Morris, 1914-; Smith, L. A. (1957-09)

Questions and answers about bulk milk tanks 

Marshall, Willis Worthington, 1928-; Yeager, Joseph Henry, 1920- (1957-06)

Research for soybean producers 

Yeager, Joseph Henry, 1920-; Rollo, Charles A., 1918-; Ensminger, L. E. (Leonard Elroy), 1912-; Johnson, Wiley Carroll, 1957-; Buchanan, Gale A., 1937-; Lyle, James A. (James Albert), 1916-; Cairns, Eldon J. (Eldon James), 1920-; Bass, Max H. (Max Herman), 1934- (1967-01)

Rural housing situation and needs 

Rose, Boyd B.; Hurst, James R.; Yeager, Joseph Henry, 1920- (1961-06)

Rural land ownership and use in Alabama 

Clonts, Howard A.; Yeager, Joseph Henry, 1920- (1964-11)

Seasonal variations in prices received by Alabama farmers 

White, Morris, 1914-; Yeager, Joseph Henry, 1920- (1955-06)

What can I pay for feeder pigs? 

White, Morris, 1914-; Yeager, Joseph Henry, 1920- (1958-09)