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Report 24. Effects of seed treatment methods of germination of Simarouba glauca var. Latifolia Cronq.

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dc.contributorAuburn University Librariesen_US
dc.contributor.otherAuburn Universityen_US
dc.contributor.otherSouth-East Consortium for International Developmenten_US
dc.creatorVaval, Fritzen_US
dc.creatorTimyan, Joëlen_US
dc.identifierUSAID (United States Agency for International Development). Contract no. 521-0217-C-00-0004-00en_US
dc.descriptionThe Haiti Agroforestry Research Project was a program to encourage Haitian farmers to plant fast growing trees as a cash crop. This project was part of an overall plan by USAID to curb the devastating erosion which was washing the top soil into the sea.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe seed of Simarouba glauca var. latifolia exhibits dormancy problems during storage and subsequent germination efforts. Five pre-germination treatments were selected to investigate methods to break post-harvest dormancy and increase both rate and total germination of seed. Complete removal of the kernal from the seed coat and seed coat cracking improved germination in both the nursery and the laboratory for SECID 2290, a seedlot that was handled by conventional procedures. PADF 945, a seedlot that differed by an additional step of tumbling the seed in an abrasive drum, exhibited no differences between the manual scarification methods and the control. Water soaks did not improve germination for either seedlot. Correlation between laboratory and nursery germination totals was poor, mainly due to differences in germination substrate. Germination in the laboratory was lower than germination under nursery conditions, the former being adversely affected by fungal contamination. Seedling heights measured two months after sowing in the nursery showed poorest growth when the kernel was planted without its seedcoat. Further studies should be directed toward proper handling and testing of simarouba seed from seed harvest to country-wide distribution in Haiti. These include optimal tumbling procedures to condition bulk seed and germination tests that correlate better with performance in the nursery.en_US
dc.description.abstractGen pwoblem nan Simarouba glauca var. latifolia (bwa blan, frenn) put stoke e jèmen semans yo. Nou te chwazi senk (5) trètman pou bay semans yo avan nou seme yo nan pepinyè-a. Trètman sa yo te chwazi pou etidye efè yo gen sou vitès jèminasyon ak pousantaj jèminasyon. Ankò, nou te aplike tout 5 trètman yo avek 2 lo semans: PADF 945 e SECID 2290. Lè nou te retire jèm nan nan po semans la oubyen le nou te kraze po-a, nou te amelioye jèminasyon nan laboratwa e pepinyè pou SECID 2290, yon lo semans ki te netwaye jan nou kon fe nomal. Nou pa te jwen mem rezilta pou PADF 945, yon lo semans ki te resevwa yon pli bon netwayaj nan yon machin ki te fabrike pa Proje Pyebwa. Nan PADF 945, nou pa te jwen diferans ant semans ki pa te resevwa trètman yo. Trampe semans nan dlo, ni fret, ni cho, pa-t bay pli bon jèminasyon. Jèminasyon nan laboratwa pa te koresponn ak jèminasyon nan pepinyè. Jèminasyon nan laboratwa te mwens ke jèminasyon nan pepinyè, akoz mous champinyon ki te atake semans nan laboratwa. Kondisyon nan pepinyè evite pwoblem champinyon atake semans. Ote plantil apre de (2) mwa te mezire pou efè trètman sa yo gen sou jan frenn ap develope nan preinyè. Ote pou tout trètman te parey sof pou jem ki te retire kompletman nan po-a. Ote plantil sa yo te mwens. Si nou gen lot etid kap fet nan semans bwa frenn, fok nou adrese pwoblem kolèksyon e netwayaj semans la avan nou distribye nan pipinyè yo tout kote an Ayiti. Metod Proje Pyebwa te sevi pou netwaye semans yo dwe etidye plis, paske metod sa gen posibilite pou nou pare semans pli byen e mwen chè pase lot metod yo. Nou bezwen rezoud pwoblem jèminasyon nan laboratwa pou nou kapab gen yon teknik pou evalye kalite semans avan nou distribye yo nan pepinyè.ht
dc.publisherAuburn, Ala. : Haiti Agroforestry Research Project, South-East Consortium for International Development and Auburn Universityen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesSECID/Auburn Agroforestry Report No. 24en_US
dc.rightsThis document is the property of the Auburn University Libraries and is intended for non-commercial use. Users of the document are asked to acknowledge the Auburn University Libraries.en_US
dc.subjectPrincess treeen_US
dc.subjectBois blancen_US
dc.subjectSeed treatmenten_US
dc.titleReport 24. Effects of seed treatment methods of germination of Simarouba glauca var. Latifolia Cronq.en_US

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