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Report 01. Tree planting in Haiti: a socio-economic appraisal 
Street, Donald R. (2019-09-10)
The purpose of this rapid-reconnaissance study was to augment previous work on tree planting in Haiti by taking advantage of a longer history of woodlot operations and to include socio-economic data on hedgerows, border ...
Report 10. Impact des haies vives sur la production agricole 
Rousseau, Pierre M.; Hunter, Arthur Gene; Enilorac, Marie-Paule (2019-10-03)
Declining yields and land degradation are becoming more dramatic every year in spite of increasing foreign aid. Population growth far exceeds food production capacities. However, the effects of all agricultural development ...
Report 17. Assessment of hedgerow performances in the Haitian context 
Rousseau, Pierre M.; Hunter, Arthur Gene; Enilorac, Marie-Paule (2019-10-01)
Hillside farming in Haiti is practiced primarily by small farmers, and measures must be taken to help them at least maintain or possibly improve their production capacity. The introduction of techniques, such as hedgerow ...
Report 27. A financial analysis of selected hedgerow operations in Haiti's Southern and Northwestern regions 
Bellerive, Phillipe (2019-09-03)
The purpose of this study was to select, adapt and apply appropriate methods for a financial analysis of hedgerow and other agroforestry systems in Haiti, and to accomplish a study of some of the farms using such forms of ...
Report 30. The effects of alley cropping and fertilizer application on continuously-cropped maize 
Shannon, Dennis A.; Vogel, Wolfgang O.; Kabaluapa, Kapinga N. (2019-09-03)
A trial was conducted to study the effect of alley cropping on maize under continuous cropping. Treatments consisted of alley cropping and control (no hedgerows), with and without fertilizer. Maize was planted twice a year ...