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Report 02. An interim report on influences of inoculation with nitrogen-fixing symbionts on reforestation efforts in Haiti 
Reid, R. Kent (2019-09-10)
Many of the tree species produced in the AOP are able to fix nitrogen when their roots are colonized with the appropriate symbiotic microorganisms. In order to ensure colonization, tree seeds are inoculated at planting ...
Report 03. Short-term seedling field survival and growth as influenced by container type and potting mix 
Reid, R. Kent (2019-09-03)
This investigation tested the field performance of planting stock types used in the AOP. Field growth and survival of five species (chene, kapab, cassia, neem, and ced) were measured. Four container types (Winstrips, ...
Report 04. Seedling growth and development in different container types and potting mixes 
Reid, R. Kent (2019-09-10)
This investigation tested the various containers and potting mixes used in the AOP. Effects were measured on nursery development of five non-nitrogen-fixing species (chene, kapab, cassia, neem, and ced). Four container ...
Report 09. Socio-cultural factors in Haitian agroforestry: research results from four regions 
Starr, Paul D. (2019-09-03)
This report presents the results of research on socio-cultural aspects of agroforestry in the Des Forges, Bassin Bleu, Vialet and Maniche areas of Haiti. A total of 258 households were surveyed, 108 in Bassin Bleu and fifty ...