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Report 24. Effects of seed treatment methods of germination of Simarouba glauca var. Latifolia Cronq. 

Vaval, Fritz; Timyan, Joël (2019-09-03)
The seed of Simarouba glauca var. latifolia exhibits dormancy problems during storage and subsequent germination efforts. Five pre-germination treatments were selected to investigate methods to break post-harvest dormancy ...

Report 25. Time rate of discounting and decisions of Haitian tree planters 

Street, Donald R. (2019-10-01)
During previous research on the economics of agroforestry in Haiti, it was noted that some farmers practicing agroforestry tended to hold onto trees for some years. They deferred harvesting them because some tree products, ...

Report 27. A financial analysis of selected hedgerow operations in Haiti's Southern and Northwestern regions 

Bellerive, Phillipe (2019-09-03)
The purpose of this study was to select, adapt and apply appropriate methods for a financial analysis of hedgerow and other agroforestry systems in Haiti, and to accomplish a study of some of the farms using such forms of ...

Report 29. Agroforestry knowledge, attitudes and practices in Northwest Haiti 

Starr, Paul D.; d'Aquin, Sigrid; Rorison, Kathleen M. (2019-09-03)
This study provides information about the knowledge, attitudes and practices concerning agroforestry and related agricultural practices of the part of 504 farm families served by CARE International in Northwestern Haiti. ...

Report 30. The effects of alley cropping and fertilizer application on continuously-cropped maize 

Shannon, Dennis A.; Vogel, Wolfgang O.; Kabaluapa, Kapinga N. (2019-09-03)
A trial was conducted to study the effect of alley cropping on maize under continuous cropping. Treatments consisted of alley cropping and control (no hedgerows), with and without fertilizer. Maize was planted twice a year ...

Report 31. Development of stock quality criteria 

Reid, R. Kent (2019-09-03)
This study examined survival and growth of seedlings of several species produced in standard and Deep 5 Rootrainers. The objectives were to test for differences between the two containers, and to determine the minimum size ...

Report 33. Economic indicators of Agroforestry II strategy implementation: farm income analysis to agricultural project analysis 

Fleming, Kent D.; Karch, G. Edward (2019-09-03)
The strategy of the Agroforestry II Project (AFII) is to bring about sustainable improvements in Haitian hillside farm productivity and farmer net income. AFII and the previous agroforestry program are widely acknowledged ...