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Building a Sustainable Life Science Information Literacy Program Using the Train-the-Trainer Model 

Hartman, Patricia; Newhouse, Renae; Perry, Valerie (2015-07-15)
The train-the-trainer model has great potential for expanding information literacy programs without placing undue burden on already overextended librarians; it is surprisingly underused in academic libraries. At the ...

Is Science Librarianship Right for Me? 

Hartman, Patricia; Bailey, Kimberly; Hansen, Samuel; Torrence, Matt; Warren, Mea; Borda, Kristy; Horton, Jennifer; 0000-0003-2611-106X (2021-01-15)
Are you an MLS student or early career librarian exploring career paths? This panel of experienced science librarians share their stories and insights along the road to science librarianship. This webinar offers the ...

Teaching Infographic Source Evaluation to Biology Majors 

Hartman, Patricia; Roberts, Sharon (2015-07-15)
Infographics are an effective means of communicating information quickly and impactfully. They are often used to present complex datasets and statistics that otherwise would be difficult to digest. This makes them valuable ...

Using historical citizen science to understand wildlife in the longleaf pine ecosystem 

Hartman, Patricia J; Gitzen, Robert A; Carter, David D; Kush, John S; Coates, Midge; Barbour, Michael S (2016-11-30)
Museum records and formal scientific information are essential, but not always sufficient, to adequately document the historical distribution, abundance, and cultural traditions associated with wildlife species. Though we ...

Using Infographics to Teach Source Evaluation to Biology Freshmen 

Hartman, Patricia; Roberts, Sharon (2015-09-05)
Given the immediate visual impact of infographics as well as the ease of creating them, infographics are an effective way to communicate complex information. However, viewers of infographics may draw very different ...