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AlabamaMosaic: How Does It Fit into the Museum Community? 

Coates, Midge; Coates, Mildred (2016-05-03)
AlabamaMosaic is a statewide project in which participating institutions create and manage their own collections of digital objects, and a central catalog makes these objects findable from the AlabamaMosaic Web site. ...

AlabamaMosaic: Using VuFind to Index a Distributed Digital Collection 

Coates, Midge; Coates, Mildred (2014-06-13)
Panel Abstract: College of Charleston, Clemson and the Alabama Mosaic Project will discuss their respective decisions to replace CONTENTdm with open source software. These institutions present three different perspectives ...

Applications of Digital Technology to Slavic Librarianship 

Trehub, Aaron (2013-03-25)
The purpose of this article is to examine recent developments in information technology and suggest some ways they might be applied to the practice of Slavic librarianship. I have qualifications in both fields: originally ...

Assessing Class and Course Libguides According to Bloom’s Revised and Digital Taxonomies 

Noe, Nancy (2015-06-01)
Given the current popularity and prevalence of Springshare’s Libguides, and the ability to create subsequent class or course guides, questions arise about the effectiveness of such pages. Librarians have expended time and ...

Assessment and Change Leadership in an Academic Library Department: A Case Study 

Carter, Toni (2014-07-27)
The purpose of this paper is to report an academic library’s efforts to introduce course-integrated assessment into its library instruction program. Applying a leadership change model to the process allows ...

Aubie Asks @ the Libraries Video Series 

Carter, Toni (2014-07-14)
Produced with assistance from the Daniel F. Breeden Endowed Grant Program, these videos help to introduce or reinforce information literacy concepts. Librarians show them during instruction sessions and add them to their ...

Because You're You: Factors Influencing Item Selection in a Digital Sheet Music Collection 

Coates, Midge; Coates, Mildred (2015-01-15)
The purpose of this study was to examine factors influencing user selection of individual works in a collection of digitized sheet music. Google Analytics page view data were grouped by source (directing link) and correlated ...

Because You’re You: Factors Influencing Selection in a Digital Sheet Music Collection 

Coates, Midge; Coates, Mildred (2014-06-13)
For this study, we used Google Analytics to evaluate factors influencing user selection of specific works in a collection of digitized sheet music. These factors were: participation in a collaborative index (Sheet Music ...

Building a Sustainable Life Science Information Literacy Program Using the Train-the-Trainer Model 

Hartman, Patricia; Newhouse, Renae; Perry, Valerie (2015-07-15)
The train-the-trainer model has great potential for expanding information literacy programs without placing undue burden on already overextended librarians; it is surprisingly underused in academic libraries. At the ...

Changing User Needs, Changing Librarian Roles: A Qualitative Study 

Carter, Toni; Grabowsky, Adelia (2017-10-05)
This qualitative study explored possible adaptions to the roles of librarians working in the reference department of a southeastern academic research library. The study used focus groups to investigate new directions for ...

Cleaning Data, or More Neat Excel Tricks to Make it Easier 

Bishop, Barbara A. (2017-10-27)
Librarians deal with data from a variety of sources and each source can be unique in how it presents in Excel. Cleaning data is inevitable. Here are some basic and not so basic tips and tricks to deal with disappearing ...

Closing the Loop on Information Literacy Instruction 

Carter, Toni (2014-07-21)
Authentic assessment of course-integrated information literacy sessions

Collecting Pre-class Information from First Year Pharmacy Students in Order to Increase Student Engagement with Library Instruction 

Grabowsky, Adelia (2016-07-14)
Objectives: To increase student engagement, both in a one-shot library instruction session and with the Pharmacy subject guide which provides supplemental instruction information. Methods: Setting/Participants: 151 first ...

The Collision of Two Lexicons: Librarians, Composition Instructors and the Vocabulary of Source Evaluation 

Carter, Toni (2017-03-27)
Based on article of the same name:

The Collision of Two Lexicons: Librarians, Composition Instructors and the Vocabularly of Source Evaluation 

Carter, Toni; Aldridge, Todd (2016-03-21)
From article abstract: "The study has two aims. The first is to identify words and phrases from information literacy and rhetoric and composition that students used to justify the comparability of two sources. The second ...

Comparing Apples to Apples? Examining User Behavior for an Open-Access ETDs Collection vs. ProQuest 

Coates, Midge; Coates, Mildred (2015-01-15)
Many institutions that maintain their own open-access repository for Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) also deposit ETDs into the vendor database ProQuest Theses & Dissertations. Since ETDs are the products of ...

Connecting with Health Science Students and Faculty to Facilitate the Design of a Mobile Library Website 

Grabowsky, Adelia; Wright, Melissa (2014-07-29)
Observing increasing usage of smartphones by students and faculty of the University of Mississippi Medical Center, librarians at Rowland Medical Library decided to explore student and faculty interest in a mobile website ...

Creating a Sustainable Information Literacy Program Using the Train-the-Trainer Model 

Hartman, Patricia; Perry, Valerie; Keinsley, Jason; Newhouse, Renae (2014-05-15)
Using the train-the-trainer model as our foundation, we created a new information literacy program in an introductory lab course. We will describe the program’s development, implementation, and evolution since first ...

Customizing VuFind 

Bellanger, Clint (2012-10-16)
Webinar presented to ASERL in Spring 2012 on VuFind. Discusses our decision to use VuFind and the resources required to customize it for use as our default Catalog.

Cutting the Commute: Assess Authentically and Still Arrive on Time 

Carter, Toni; Rumble, Juliet (2014-07-14)
While the importance of assessment for student learning is widely recognized, instructors are often reluctant to sacrifice valuable class time for this activity. This presentation discusses the Auburn University Libraries ...