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High Throughput Screening of Elite Loblolly Pine Families for Chemical and Bioenergy Traits with Near Infrared Spectroscopy 

Acquah, Gifty E.; Via, Brian K.; Gallagher, Tom; Billor, Nedret; Fasina, Oladiran O.; Eckhardt, Lori G.; 0000-0003-4269-0903; 0000-0003-2676-7376; 0000-0003-4214-163X; 0000-0002-3270-8199 (2020-04-01)
Pinus taeda L. (loblolly pine) dominates 13.4 million ha of US southeastern forests and contributes over $30 billion to the economy of the region. The species will also form an important component of the renewable energy ...

Simulated Summer Rainfall Variability Effects on Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda) Seedling Physiology and Susceptibility to Root-Infecting Ophiostomatoid Fungi 

Chieppa, Jeff; Eckhardt, Lori G.; Chappelka, Arthur; 0000-0002-3270-8199; 0000-0001-9404-9638 (2020-04-01)
Seedlings from four families of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) were grown in capped open-top chambers and exposed to three different weekly moisture regimes for 13 weeks. Moisture regimes varied in intensity and frequency ...