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Biology of Ultramafic Rocks and Soils: Research Goals for the Future 

Boyd, Robert S.; Kruckeberg, Arthur R.; Rajakaruna, Nishanta (2021-01-04)

Do Tropical Nickel Hyperaccumulators Mobilize Metals into Epiphytes? A Test Using Bryophytes from New Caledonia 

Boyd, Robert S.; Wall, Michael A.; Jaffré, Tanguy (2021-01-04)
Hyperaccumulator plants mobilize large amounts of certain elements from the soil into their tissues. Those elements then may be transferred to other organisms in those communities. Using a humid tropical forest site in ...

Variation of Morphology and Elemental Concentrations in the California Nickel Hyperaccumulator Streptanthus polygaloides (Brassicaceae) 

Boyd, Robert S.; Wall, Michael A.; Santos, Scott R.; Davis, Michael A. (2021-01-04)
The Ni hyperaccumulator Strepthanthus polygaloides (Brassicaceae) is one of a handful of Ni hyperaccumulators known from continental North America. Surveys have revealed four distinctive morphs of this species, relying ...

Elemental Concentrations of Eleven New Caledonian Plant Species from Serpentine Soils: Elemental Correlations and Leaf-Age Effects 

Boyd, Robert S.; Jaffré, Tanguy (2021-01-04)
- We investigated accumulation of elements (Ca, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, P, Pb, and Zn) in leaves of different ages for 11 evergreen woody plant species from serpentine soils of New Caledonia. Species were classifi ed ...

Advances in Serpentine Geoecology: A Retrospective 

Rajakaruna, Nishanta; Boyd, Robert S. (2021-01-04)
Rajakaruna, Nishanta, and Boyd, Robert S.