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Data for: Estimating the Landscape of Natural Selection During Island Colonization in an Invasive Lizard 

Gilbert, Anthony; Fargevielle, Amélie; Warner, Daniel (2024-05-21)
Colonization of new habitats exposes populations to novel selective pressures, and the evolutionary dynamics of invasive species are determined by how the founding environment interacts with the phenotypes of invaders. ...

Genetic variation underlies plastic responses to global change drivers in the purple sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus 

Simon, Olivia M.; Hofmann, Gretchen E.; Wolak, Matthew E.; Strader, Marie E.; 0000-0002-1886-4187; 0000-0002-7962-0071 (2024-05-17)
Phenotypic plasticity and adaptive evolution enable population persistence in response to global change. However, there are few experiments that test how these processes interact within and across generations, especially ...

Stellar Blend Image Classification Using Computationally Efficient Gaussian Processes (MuyGPs) 

Bidese, Rafael; Eleh, Chinedu; Zhang, Yunli; Molinari, Roberto; Billor, Nedret; Priest, Benjamin; Goumiri, Imene; Muyskens, Amanda; Dunton, Alec (2024-04-05)
Stellar blends are a challenge in visualizing celestial bodies and are typically disambiguated through expensive methods. To address this, we propose an automated pipeline to distinguish single stars and blended stars ...

Optimal Upscaling with Transport Maps 

Eleh, Chinedu; van Wyk, Hans-Werner (2024-04-04)
Partial differential equation models often involve space-dependent parameters, such as diffusion coefficients and advection fields, that cannot be measured explicitly and are therefore uncertain. Midpoint (MP), spatial ...

Show Me a Function: More Than Meets the Eye 

Eleh, Chinedu; 0000-0002-4531-5263 (2024-04-04)
Mathematics is a fascinating subject used to understand functions' properties and behavior. From simple precalculus to challenging graduate-level courses, there is an intricate web of functions to explore. Unfortunately, ...

Optimal Parameter Upscaling for Partial Differential Equation Models in Mathematical Biology 

Eleh, Chinedu; van Wyk, Hans-Werner; 0000-0002-4531-5263 (2024-04-04)
Partial differential equation models in mathematical biology often involve space-dependent parameters, such as diffusion coefficients and advection fields, that cannot be measured explicitly and are therefore uncertain. ...

Data for: Multi-delay coherence imaging spectroscopy optimized for ion temperature measurements in the divertor plasma of the Wendelstein 7-X stellarator 

Kriete, David M; Perseo, Valeria; Gradic, Dorothea; Ennis, David A; König, Ralf; Maurer, David A; the W7-X Team; 0000-0002-3657-2911 (2024-03-15)
This public data set contains openly documented, machine-readable digital research data corresponding to figures in an article submitted to Review of Scientific Instruments. The data for each figure is stored as a netCDF ...

Ar/TTIP dust cloud 

Ramkorun, Bhavesh; 0000-0001-9678-4118 (2024-01-23)

Anemonefish oxygenate their anemone hosts at night 

Szczebak, Joseph T.; Henry, Raymond P.; Al-Horani, Fuad A.; Chadwick, Nanette (2023-09-20)
Many stony coral-dwelling fishes exhibit adaptations to deal with hypoxia among the branches of their hosts; however, no information exists on the respiratory ecophysiology of obligate fish associates of non-coral organisms ...

Net superoxide levels: steeper increase with activity in cooler female and hotter male lizards 

Ballen, Cissy J.; Healey, Mo; Wilson, Mark; Tobler, Michael; Wapstra, Erik; Olsson, Mats (2023-09-20)
Ectotherms increase their body temperature in response to ambient heat, thereby elevating their metabolic rate. An often inferred consequence of this is an overall upregulation of gene expression and energetic expenditure, ...

Can mixed assessment methods make biology classes more equitable 

Sehoya, Cotner; Ballen, Cissy J. (2023-09-20)
Many factors have been proposed to explain the attrition of women in science, technology, engineering and math fields, among them the lower performance of women in introductory courses resulting from deficits in incoming ...

Ion acceleration inside foreshock transients 

Liu, Terry Z.; Lu, San; Angelopoulos, Vassilis; Lin, Yu; Wang, Xueyi; 0000-0003-1778-4289; 0000-0001-5533-5981 (2023-06-17)
Recent observations upstream of Earth's bow shock have revealed that foreshock transients can not only accelerate solar wind ions by reflection at their upstream boundaries but may also accelerate ions inside them. Evidence ...

Magnitude and Predictability of pH Fluctuations Shape Plastic Responses to Ocean Acidification 

Bitter, Mark; Kapsenberg, Lydia; Silliman, Katherine; Gattuso, Jean-Pierre; Pfister, Catherine; 0000-0002-4533-4114 (2023-06-17)
Phenotypic plasticity is expected to facilitate the persistence of natural populations as global change progresses. The attributes of fluctuating environments that favor the evolution of plasticity have received extensive ...

Reptile Embryos Lack the Opportunity to Thermoregulate by Moving within the Egg 

Telemeco, Rory; Gangloff, Eric; Cordero, Gerardo; Mitchell, Timothy; Bodensteiner, Brooke; Holden, Kaitlyn; Mitchell, Sarah; Polich, Rebecca; Janzen, Fredric; 0000-0002-2101-3295; 0000-0002-7136-769X; 0000-0002-9137-1741 (2023-05-17)
Historically, egg-bound reptile embryos were thought to passively thermoconform to the nest environment. However, recent observations of thermal taxis by embryos of multiple reptile species have led to the widely discussed ...

Why are incubation periods longer in the tropics? A common-garden experiment with house wrens reveals it is all in the egg 

Robinson, Douglas; Styrsky, John; Payne, Brian; Harper, Given; Thompson, Charles; 0000-0003-2240-0606 (2023-05-17)
Incubation periods of Neotropical birds are often longer than those of related species at temperate latitudes. We conducted a common-garden experiment to test the hypothesis that longer tropical incubation periods result ...

Plumage color as a composite trait: Developmental and functional integration of sexual ornamentation 

Badyaev, Alexander; Hill, Geoffrey; Dunn, Peter; Glen, John; 0000-0002-7450-4194; 0000-0001-8864-6495 (2023-05-17)
Most studies of condition-dependent sexual ornaments have treated such ornaments as single traits. However, sexual ornaments are often composites of several components, each produced by partially independent developmental ...