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Oxygen-hydrogen differentiated observations from TWINS: The 22 July 2009 storm 

Valek, P. W.; Goldstein, J.; McComas, D. J.; Ilie, R.; Buzulukova, N.; Fok, M. -C.; Perez, J. D. (2020-06-09)
The 22 July 2009 magnetic storm is the first significant storm during the emergence of the recent prolonged solar cycle minimum. This moderate storm (minimum Dst approximately -78 nT) has received a good deal of attention ...

Statistical correlation of low-altitude ENA emissions with geomagnetic activity from IMAGE/MENA observations 

Mackler, D. A.; Jahn, J-M; Perez, J. D.; Pollock, C. J.; Valek, P. W. (2020-06-03)
Plasma sheet particles transported Earthward during times of active magnetospheric convection can interact with exospheric/thermospheric neutrals through charge exchange. The resulting Energetic Neutral Atoms (ENAs) are ...