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Hall effect control of magnetotail dawn-dusk asymmetry: A three-dimensional global hybrid simulation 

Lu, San; Lin, Y.; Angelopoulos, V.; Artemyev, A. V.; Pritchett, P. L.; Lu, Quanming; Wang, Xueyi; 0000-0001-8003-9252; 0000-0001-5533-5981 (2020-06-03)
Magnetotail reconnection and related phenomena (e.g., flux ropes, dipolarizing flux bundles, flow bursts, and particle injections) occur more frequently on the duskside than on the dawnside. Because this asymmetry can ...

The ion temperature gradient: An intrinsic property of Earth's magnetotail 

Lu, San; Artemyev, A. V.; Angelopoulos, Vassilis; Lin, Yu; Wang, Xueyi; 0000-0001-8003-9252; 0000-0001-5533-5981 (2020-06-01)
Although the ion temperature gradient along (X GSM) and across (Z GSM) the Earth's magnetotail, which plays a key role in generating the cross‐tail current and establishing pressure balance with the lobes, has been extensively ...