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    • Auburn University Crops: Cotton Research Report 2019 

    • The Effects of Crop Insurance Subsidies and Sodsaver on Land-Use Change 

      It is well known that insurance market information asymmetry can cause socially excessive cropping of yield-risky land. We show that crop insurance subsidies can cause the same problem absent information failures. Using ...
    • Diets of Juvenile and Sub-adult Size Classes of Three Micropterus spp. in the Flint River, Georgia: Potential for Trophic Competition 

      Concerns over the recent introduction of Micropterus punctulatus (Spotted Bass) on native M. salmoides (Largemouth Bass) and M. cataractae (Shoal Bass) prompted a one-year investigation into the food habits of these three ...
    • Territoriality, Reproductive Behavior, and Parental Care in Gray Triggerfish, Balistes Capriscus, from the Northern Gulf of Mexico 

      We documented spawning behaviors in gray triggerfish, Balistes capriscus (Gmelin, 1789), in June and July 2004–2007 on artificial reefs in the northern Gulf of Mexico, including territoriality, nest building, harem ...
    • Condition-dependent auditory processing in the round goby (Neogobius melanostomus): links to sex, reproductive condition and female estrogen levels 

      Neural responses to sensory stimuli often differ between sexes, vary seasonally, and can be regulated by endocrine activity, but the ecological and physiological mechanisms driving such patterns are not well understood. ...
    • Fish Assemblages on Sand/gravel Bar Habitat in the Alabama River, Alabama 

      The Alabama River drainage is a biologically diverse system containing over 180 native fishes and at least 33 endemics. Many studies have surveyed single species of conservation concern, such as the federally endangered ...
    • Best management practices for channel catfish farming in Alabama 

    • Auburn University Crops: Cotton Research Report 2017 

    • Auburn University Crops: Cotton Research Report 2016 

    • 2013 U.S. Catfish Database 

    • Bwa yo: important trees of Haiti 

      Trees and their forest habitats have played a major role in creating a fertile environment in Haiti. The ecological fabric that has nurtured the soil and supported life for millennia gradually has been unraveled by human ...
    • Performance of peanut varieties in Alabama, 2019 

    • Impact, Vol. 9, issue 4, Winter 2011 

    • Impact, Vol. 9, issue 3, Fall 2011 

    • Impact, Vol. 9, issue 2, Summer 2011 

    • Impact, Vol. 9, issue 1, Spring 2011 

    • Impact, Vol. 8, issue 4, Winter 2010 

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